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International Recruitment: What Employers in South Africa Should Know When Hiring Foreign Workers

International Recruitment: What Employers in South Africa Should Know When Hiring Foreign Workers

South Africa has become the home of many inter-regional and inter-continental migrants seeking gainful employment due to its socio-economic prospects throughout Africa.   The fact …

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Cold Room Repair: Explaining Some Common Issues to Avoid

The internal temperature of cool rooms is known to be cold and consistent. Its refrigeration unit can also be considered the backbone of your cold …

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Shutters 101: Everything You Need to Know

Shutter blinds look amazing and can improve the look of any space. While they might be a little bit on the pricey side, they are …

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Top 6 Reasons Why Life Coaching Might Be a Good Career for You

More and more people are making use of a life coach to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. And with this comes …

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Vitality Show

Come check out the Vitality Show. Get special deals from our Sponsors and Partners, listen to our Speakers and Experts, or book a stand. Relax …

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Work? Not without my make-up on!

Our new study reveals that make-up is a must-have in the work arena. Our new survey today revealed that 70% of women would not feel …

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Seasonal eating: Warm Autumnal salad of butternut squash, kale, chestnuts and stilton

As Autumn sets in the days are growing shorter and the leaves are turning and it’s a great time to eat seasonal meals as lots …

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How to protect your hair from winter weather

Frosty air and icy winds, central heating, woolly hats – winter weather can take its toll on your locks leaving them lacklustre, dry and frizzy. …

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How to look after red hair

Fancy going red? Don’t touch the hair dye until you read our top tips. Red hair is undoubtedly the hue du jour that’s been made popular …

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Seven deadly hair sins and how to avoid them

According to a recent survey by Viviscal natural hair growth supplements, 7 in 10 people have never used any sort of treatment to help improve …

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