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Work? Not without my make-up on!

Our new study reveals that make-up is a must-have in the work arena.
Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

Our new survey today revealed that 70% of women would not feel confident going to work without a full face of make-up. The study, commissioned by the Vitality Show to celebrate ‘National No Make-Up Day’ on Thursday 22nd March, found that the majority of women wear make-up every day to work compared to just 20% who only wear make-up at weekends. More than half of the women surveyed said they would confidently see their friends, family and partner without make-up on, so why are women getting dolled up for their work colleagues and bosses?

The notion of going bare-faced to work was rated more stressful than public speaking, attending a job interview and even a nerve-wracking first date. When asked what they worry about leaving the house without, 70% said ‘hair styling and make-up’, topping daily essentials such as a bank card (65%), cash (40%) or their diary (11%).

The poll of UK women also reveals that women spend an average of 21 minutes applying a ‘full face’ of make-up each working day requiring them to get up half an hour before their male counterparts. The average monthly spend on make-up is £25, which equates to around £2,156,875 spent every hour in the UK.

There is the assumption, within some companies, that for women good grooming equates to doing a good job, but there is a strange dichotomy at play. While women are expected to look awake, bright and glowing – with great skin of course – they don’t want to look too heavily made-up or like they are wearing a ‘mask’. Last year a study found that 1 in 3 bosses think female employees wear too much make-up for instance,” comments Sarah-Jane Froom, make-up artist from mineral make-up company bareMinerals. “The desire to look flawless – but to create the illusion that this has been achieved without make-up, is important for many women when they go to work. bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation is a popular choice for the working day, as it offers weightless, radiant coverage which looks as if you aren’t wearing any make-up at all. It helps women who don’t have the confidence to go totally barefaced to fake the no make-up look.

Reasons given for applying make-up before work were ‘to cover imperfections like spots and dark circles’, ‘to even my skin tone’ and ‘to give skin more colour’. The top UK make-up bag staple is mascara, followed by lip gloss, foundation, concealer and eyeliner.

black makeup palette
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

Make-up artist and Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh notes the importance of taking some make-up free time out to help skin breathe “aWhen I’m filming Made In Chelsea I have to wear full make-up, and often look forward to being at home and make up free so my skin can breathe. I don’t think it matters if you’re on TV or work in an office, there’s pressure on all women to look immaculate every day: fresh-faced and awake with great skin. I like pampering myself and love the Manuka Doctor ApiClear range to help keep my blemishes at bay.”

While 70% women would not feel confident going to work without make-up on, 91% said they would cancel a first date rather than turn up bare faced. 31% would not go to the gym without make-up and astonishingly 1 in 6 women wouldn’t even answer the front door unless in full make-up.

The women polled were no less sympathetic to the UK’s top celebrities either. When given a list of 30 high profile women 47% said all of the female celebrities ‘looks better wearing make-up’. Although 14% thought Katie Price and 13% thought Holly Willoughby could do with applying less make-up. Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton and Cameron Diaz were rated as the top natural beauties whom look great fresh-faced.